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Barn on the Pond is situated next to the well known town of Woodstock NY, the namesake of the  legendary three-day festival of music and peace that changed rock and roll history forever and defined a generation of hippies, lovers, and rebels.

The barn style home is an  replica of the original timber frame barn structure that was located on the site. The misfortune of the damaged original structual members due to a fire, gave rise to the opportunity of rebuilding the barn slightly larger, and relocating it away from the highway and at the top of the site, on axis with the pond. The relocation also allowed for views from the newly added second floor outdoor living space complete with fireplace, to the catskill mountains in the distance.


As many of the components from the original structure as possible  were re-used and recycled in the new structure in an approach to conservation, green building and LEED Certification.  Corregated steel elements were added to flank the original structure on both ends to  create a contempary, yet historically sensitive  contrast to the traditional  barn form,  and  house additional bedrooms and a sunroom. 

The rough-hewn timberframe structure was manufactured and pre-assembled in Western Canada and subsequently transported to upstate New York for assembly. 

Project Size: 2500 SF


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